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ok so the point of this is to convert a blackarch GNU/Linux install into a tails alike private flash drive with the whole system as persistence. is like running from a HD.. but this have it's issues, you have to know what you doing.. this is NOT for lamers or noobs.

what we need?

  • Blackarch full install on a 3.0 usb drive <- this needs updating. soon
  • TOR and all the tips on this page enable
    • Example there are tips in how to force the pacage manager pacman or yaourt to use TOR
    • to force system to use TOR dns instead of clearnet
    • Use iptables to force all connections to TOR and block the rest unless localnets
  • secure-delete and memory erasure in tails
    • with this tools we will delete memory and swap before system turn off
    • also delete all files securely on /tmp ~/Downloads ~/.config and other cache folders, example your browser.
  • We need to setup browsers to delete everything after session
  • We will use iptables to forward all traffit on TOR.
    • setup firewall to block everything going out to clearnet interface that is not tor traffic.
  • Optinal we will have also a i2p install new i2pd daemon in arch AUR
    • IRC setup to connect to i2pirc
    • one browser specially configure to use .i2p sites
  • Optional openvpn
  • Matrix client
  • PyBitmessage for encrypted msg's
  • proxychains for scanners
  • tsocks for tools
  • go into each used browser and enable by default privacy mode, dissable cache, delete everything after 1hour or session etc.

  • Testing

for example in one terminal run:

 tcpdump -i <interface> port 53

in another terminal run:

 tcpdump -i lo port 9053

in another terminal run

 tcpump -i lo port 9050

and make sure we not leaking dns request to clearnet same for port 80, 443 etc..